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Garage Workbenches with Functionality and Visual Appeal

Total Garage Inc. realizes the importance in having a functional and stylish workspace for your favorite garage hobbies. When you choose to undergo a garage renovation,  remember to look into handcrafted workbenches, so that you have all the space necessary to work efficiently.

Have Everything In Your Garage Organized? Time to Create Your Custom Workbench!

Our workbenches are designed to fit perfectly in your garage area. When choosing a countertop, we offer you durable selections that are not only beautiful, but sturdy and able to withstand heavy duty activities.

Choose From:

  • Stainless Steel Go for an industrial look that is modern and sleek with this countertop. Durable stainless steel can withstand whatever your garage hobby may be! No need to worry about stains, because stainless steel is a non-porous material that wipes clean with ease.
  • Butcher Block was introduced way long ago in butcher shops for the specific purpose of cutting and chopping on. Beautiful, natural wood enhances your garage with warmth and provides a sturdy custom countertop to top off your handcrafted workbench.
  • Ebony Star is a laminate material that comes with rounded edges and is extra thick. The Ebony Star transitions into any garage easily, no matter the style! Easy to maintain and clean, Ebony Star countertops are a top choice for garage makeovers!

Making your garage a personal sanctuary and workspace means that you’re going to need a stellar workbench to create and master your hobbies. Choosing the best countertop for your personal interest will give your garage a finished and polished look.

Don’t miss out on the chance to do what you love at your own personalized workbench! Click here now for Free Estimates!