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Clear Your Garage Floor with Monkey Bar’s Off-The-Ground Garage Shelf Storage Systems

We want to provide customers the best shelving and storage options available on the market, so we work directly with Monkey Bars Storage. The Monkey Bars garage organization system is designed to hold tons of storage with very little extra space. Monkey Bar fixtures are made with powder coated steel, so you can rest at ease knowing that you have the most solid products for your garage collections.

No Monkeying Around - These Garage Shelves Do Serious Work!

Organizing your garage and getting your belongings off the ground is super easy with Monkey Bars Storage Systems. You can choose from garage shelves, monkey bars, storage hooks, overhead racks and other options that provide you optimum garage storage solutions!

Monkey Bar Systems Can Help You Create an Easy Access Solution to a Messy Garage Floor

Check out these benefits of Monkey Bar Storage options:

  • 35 and 50 inch Monkey Bars work with garage shelf racks to offer sturdy protection. Monkey Bars are put in place to hold storage hooks, shelf-racks and other storage accessories.
  • Each Monkey Bar, whether 35 or 50 inches, offers you the opportunity to layer your storage. Ultimately saving you garage floor space!
  • Monkey Bar hooks come in 3, 5, 6 and 12 inches. You can choose from single to double hooks - or try out the J hook which is perfect for utilizing small in between spaces of your wall storage system.
  • Garage Shelving by Monkey Bars can hold up to 1,000 pounds of your storage for every four feet.
  • Garage Shelves come in 16 and 24 inch wide selections. The 16 inch is perfect for storing items in tighter fitting areas, while the 24 inch storage shelf can be utilized with hooks to store more items.
  • Overhead Racks are the perfect solution for your long term garage storage needs.
  • Monkey Bar Overhead Racks allow you to effectively utilize ceiling space, while ensuring safe keeping for your belongings with steel reinforcement.
  • Monkey Bars Overhead Racks can even come equipped with motorized lifts, which make it easy for you to lower and raise your stored items for quick access.

With Monkey Bar garage shelving solutions, you can easily and affordably have the best garage organizational system in place.