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Complete Your Custom Garage with Garage Organizers!

Garage organizers are simple to install when you have all the options our team at Total Garage offers for Garage Storage. Every home is different and so is every garage, which is why we make a variety of Garage Storage organizers for our clients to choose from. From the smallest storage needs to the largest, we have the best products on the market for North Carolina garage organization.

From the Smallest Nail to the Largest Bike: We Have Garage Organization Options to Handle All Your Tools and Toys!

Our garage storage systems are unique, functional and the top products in garage organization. We work with you to design the perfect garage storage system that fits your individual needs. Whether you are a backpacking troubadour, cycling professional, garage hobbyist or soccer mom - we have garage storage for every lifestyle and offer free design consultations to help you find the one that works best with your life!

Know Your Options for Garage Organization With Our Garage Storage Solutions!

Our garage storage systems promote garage organization to the fullest. We offer the following garage storage products to get you completely organized in you Total Garage!

  • Garage Shelving - We use top quality garage shelving units made by Monkey Bars to help you get everything off the garage floor and onto your wall space.
  • Overhead Storage -  These 10 gage steel mounted overhead racks add volume to your garage and store your belongings up high away from pests and weather damage.
  • Slatwall - Our slatwall garage storage systems use your available wall space to hold just about any item. With accessories for hanging your belongings, storeWall Slatwall systems get everything up off the garage floor and into a designated place!
  • Gridwall -  The garage organizers are not only functional, but durable as well! Gridwall organizers can be mounted onto any type of garage wall surface and with gridwall accessories, you can store all your belongings.

To complete your custom garage, you will need the very best in garage storage systems. Call Total Garage now to expand your organization system! Click Here