Beige Rose solid color epoxy garage flooringOxford Gray solid color epoxy garage flooringRaffia solid color garage epoxy flooring

High Shine Solid Color Epoxy Garage Floors

Your garage floor matters and so does the epoxy flooring you choose to apply in your garage. For gorgeous high shine epoxy flooring that will stand out above the rest, choose a solid color epoxy overlay. Our epoxy floors are strong, satin resistant and slip resistant. When combing those factors with the elegance an epoxy floor adds to your garage floor, you will have the most envied garage on the block. 

Solid Color Epoxy Garage Floors Offer Variety and Functionality!

Our epoxy floors boasts beauty and strength. We have a variety of custom solid color epoxy garage floor overlays for you to choose from, so you can match your garage floor to your personal style. Our high gloss shine garage floor coatings come in Beige Rose Epoxy, Oxford Gray Epoxy and Raffia Epoxy. Within 24 hours of installing your epoxy garage floor, the product will be cured and ready for foot traffic; for vehicles you will be able to use the garage in 72 hours! It is a quick, easy, efficient and beautiful alternative for garage flooring.

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