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High-Shine, Low Maintenance Epoxy Garage Flooring

Most garage floors are composed of concrete...durable, but not usually anything to brag home about. With Epoxy Coating your garage floor will be stronger, spill resistant, stain proof and pleasing to the eye. An assortment of colors and textures for epoxy flooring are available for your choosing to enhance your custom garage floor. Not only tough, these epoxy floors are beautiful and quick to install - bringing long lasting strength and attractiveness to your garage for years to come.

There are many benefits to epoxy coating your garage floor. Stylize your garage and protect your concrete floors with our 3-layer application system in colored polymer or granite-like flake colors.

Why Epoxy Coat? Because Your Garage Floor Matters!

Our base and top coat epoxy layers are double the thickness of our competitors because we have your safety in mind. Slip-proof, skid mark proof and concrete stain proof our base and top epoxy coatings also protect your garage floor from chips, cracks and damage from outside elements.

Solid epoxied floor colors come in Beige Rose, Oxford Gray and Raffla for a high-shine garage floor that creates a clean look for your garage.

Flake colors look like a granite overlay and are a beautiful type of decorative concrete. Choose from ¼ inch flake or ⅛ inch flake. We have a wide selection of flake color combinations to provide you with the look you are searching for. ¼ inch flake comes in Blue Ice, Camouflage, Desert, Graphite, Mojave, Quartzsite, Scottsdale, Sedona, Silverado, Smoke and Terra Cotta. For an ⅛ inch epoxy layer choose from colors including Graphite, Desert, Scottsdale, Sedona and Smoke. With this many color combinations, you have options galore for your garage floor finishes!


Epoxy Garage Floors are extremely low in volatile organic compounds. This concrete stain is not hazardous to you, your family or the environment. You can feel good knowing that you used a “green” product, rather than a harmful chemical stain. Our Epoxy Floors are slip-resistant! During rain and snow seasons, wet spots work their way onto our garage floors, leaving you open to a dangerous fall that can result in injury. Our slip-resistant epoxy will keep you safe and if you do fall, epoxy flooring has more give than regular cement floor, so you can bounce right back without serious injury.


Regular old grey concrete flooring can be boring and drab. Epoxy Coating gives your Garage Floor a unique look that is shiny, beautiful and easy to clean. Epoxy Floor Coatings do not show oil stains and when paired with floating cabinets, your floor has never been easier to sweep, hose down and shine up!


Our garage floor epoxy coating is 100% UV protected and will not oxidate, meaning that your floor will be free from yellowing due to wear and tear activities. Lasts longer than traditional garage floors with a superior concrete and floor coating bond. Our Epoxy Floors for Your Custom Garage are Backed by our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee! Sign Up to Epoxy Coat Your Garage Floor that Comes Standard with a Written Warranty Against Material Defects and Workmanship.

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