Refreshing your Garage with Epoxy Garage Flooring

Refreshing your Garage with Epoxy Garage Flooring

Your garage is a place that’s going to see a lot of rough and messy activity, from parking your cars, tinkering on the workbench, and working on messy household projects. If you’re like many of us, you’ve watched your cement garage floor deteriorate over time, to where it’s got cracks, stains, and chips. It can change your garage from looking clean, to looking pretty nasty. So what do you do about it? Trying an epoxy garage floor will eliminate these problems.

They’re Very Durable

Cement garage floors commonly develop cracks over time, usually from the weight of the cars and from changes in temperature. There’s not much you can do about it once it happens, and it looks awful. One of the benefits of epoxy garage flooring is that it’s able to withstand these things. The epoxy is made with resins that are stronger than cement. These floors are designed to be impact-proof, so the cars won’t cause cracking. This durability keeps it strong throughout time, so years after you install the epoxy garage floors, they’ll still be smooth, making your garage look new.

Ease of Cleaning

Another problem people commonly run into is the stains that build up on their cement garage floors. The dripping from the cars cause stains on the floor, chips appear because of dropped tools in the garage, and paint stains end up there as well because of messy home improvement projects. You can scrub as long as you want will cement floors, and the stains will still be visible. With epoxy garage floors, all you have to do is wet the floor, and wipe it off, and then the floors will be looking clean again! Cement garage floors also tend to look dirty soon after they get cleaned- that’s because they shed powder over time. The epoxy garage floors will keep your garage looking clean, refreshed, and neat.

Great Looking Garage

The epoxy garage flooring costs more than cement floors, but there’s no contest that it’s the best looking choice. You have options for types for finishes, from neutral colors, to bright red, to chip-finishes. These keep your garage looking new for years to come, and can really refresh the space! Since they’re easy to clean, you can keep them looking new!

Prestige Garage from Long Island also shares a great blog comparing garage floor paint and epoxy flooring as well as the benefits.

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