How To Organize Your Garage Storage For Maximum Space

How To Organize Your Garage Storage For Maximum Space

The garage tends to be one of the most under-utilized spaces in our homes. Today the garage is used for much more than just parking your car. When organized to be used the right way, it is a great space for all sorts of get-togethers - perhaps a games room, home gym or a dedicated hobby room. They are even converted into extended living spaces or a mother-in-law unit.

However you may use your garage, one thing is for certain - the better your storage solutions are the more functional and enjoyable the space will be. When organizing your garage, design it with the family in mind and it can make all the difference.

How To Organize Your Garage Storage Into Zones

There are many ways to expand your storage space in your garage such as storage cabinets, overhead shelving, wall storage systems, open and closed shelving systems and even using Autolifts like what Dream Garage offers (learn how to pick the right auto lifts here).

To help you make the most of your garage space, here are 5 exceptional ways to zone your space for keeping it functional and easy to use. By assigning ‘zones’ to each area it will have its own designated purpose. Just don’t be surprised if you suddenly realize how much extra space you have in there.

A Transition Zone 

This zone is where you place all those things you need to offload or pick up when leaving or entering the house. Things like shoes, jackets, bags etc. This spot needs to be right by the door so it is easily accessed when coming and going. Make sure to have a shoe and coat rack accessible in this zone. 

Need Now Zone

This zone is for those items you need to use or access every day. Everyday items like brooms, recyclables, dog food, leashes, perhaps even some cleaning tools like a handy vac or dustpan Installing shelving near the entrance is a great place to keep these things for ready access.  

Tall and Long Item Zone

This zone really explains itself. Items like garden tools, shovels, rakes, edge trimmers, even vacuum cleaners can be hung on the walls. So take advantage of your wall space and install some vertical storage racks to get these items up and off the floor.

Big Item Zone

With your larger or rarely used items consider an area that’s up high and out of the way. Things like camping equipment, some sports gear, and holiday decorations are ideal items to store up high. Essentially, the less it is used the higher you should store it to allow space for more frequently used items to access.

Workspace Zone

This Zone is the center for all your creative projects, hobbies, and even maintenance tasks.  Whether you do woodworking, gardening, auto or household repairs, installing a workbench and storage cabinets will give you the much-needed space to do these things effectively and help keep it all organized.

If your garage is quite small to get these zones in place and you could use a better solution, then the experts at Total Garage will have garage storage solutions that are right for you! Whatever your garage storage needs, book in a FREE No-Obligation Consultation with a qualified consultant and let them show you how you can maximize your garage space.

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