Best Organizers to Keep Your Garage Clutter-Free!

Best Organizers to Keep Your Garage Clutter-Free!

Are you practically drowning in garage clutter? The garage is prime storage space, but in too many cases, it’s overrun with junk. Some of it needs to go in the trash or to the thrift shop, but much of it comprised of items you actually need. At Total Garage, we specialize in creating customized garage storage solutions that fit your garage, your family, your lifestyle and your budget.


Some of the ways that we can help you get your garage organized include:


Wall-Mounted Garage Cabinets

Our wood and melamine garage cabinets come in many color varieties to suit any decorating style. Our shelves are thicker than the industry standard, making them able to bear loads of up to 100 pounds. Also, they are fully backed, so you won’t have to worry about items getting stuck behind the shelves. Our hinges are stainless steel to prevent rusting, and we hide them so they won’t snag on your clothing or scratch your bicycles.

Garage Workbenches

What do you get when you combine top-quality garage cabinets and drawers with a smooth, functional worktop? A Total Garage workbench! Use this space to work on whatever projects you envision yourself doing in your garage. Available in three styles (ebony star, butcher block and stainless steel), you can choose the worktop finish that is best for you.

Garage Slatwall

We have wall coverings that act as versatile bases for all different types of racks, garage shelving, hooks and other organizers. Our garage shelves slide right into these to create a fully adjustable and customizable configuration for any garage. Cover a whole wall in gridwall or slatwall, or just choose one section: It’s up to you!

Overhead Storage

In your garage, you might have 400 square feet of floor space, but don’t forget about the area above your head! That’s right: At Total Garage, we use every inch of space to increase your storage potential. What can we put up there? Just about anything! Shelves with or without pull-down levers can hold bins and boxes of items that you don’t need to access every day (think seasonal decorations or outgrown children’s toys). Overhead bicycle storage is another popular option.

Garage Accessories

We offer a variety of accessories to complement the organizers that we can put in your garage. Some examples include

  • Baskets, hooks and racks for slatwall.

  • Bicycle racks.

  • Racks for sports equipment.

  • Racks for monkeybars (overhead storage).


And more! Just ask, and we’ll come up with a storage solution for you.

We offer free consultations to local homeowners. Please give us a call today to schedule your appointment so you can see the difference that we can make in your garage.


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